How to Avoid a No-Show

Reminding prospects of an upcoming appointment could prevent an annoying situation. Check out the Sales Guy's simple, but effective tactic

Sales Guy
June 27, 2012

How to Avoid a No-Show

It’s very easy for a prospect to make an appointment and then “conveniently forget” – leaving you stood up and annoyed. Here’s a handy way to avoid this kind of situation utilizing the power of the simple telephone:

While you are on the phone with your prospect, confirm the date and time and then repeat it back. I usually say something like this, “Okay, Joe, so just to confirm, we are meeting on Monday, June 29th, at 3pm, is that what you have?”

This ensures that there is no gap in communication. Then, the evening before your appointment call and leave a voice mail. Make sure you call after hours so that you know your call will go to voice mail. If you call your prospect directly to confirm your appointment, there roughly a 30-50% chance that he will cancel or reschedule. A voice mail, however, won’t cancel your appointment. And as a double perk, your message will remind him of your meeting in the morning, and he will in most cases honor your appointment.

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