5 More Tips for Networking During The Holidays

Put more jingle in your mingle!

Lisa B. Marshall,
December 16, 2010
Episode #115

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Today we pick up with the second part of a two-part episode covering my top ten tips for beefing up your networking during the holiday season.

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5 More Tips for Holiday Networking

Whether you’re currently employed or not, you shouldn’t miss unique opportunities for networking during the holidays. Today, learn five more tips to put the jingle in your mingle. If you haven’t listened to part one, go ahead, we’ll wait. Ready for Tip #6?

Tip #6: Send Out a Year-End Daily Count Down to Increase Your Exposure

Think about doing a year-end count-down by sending out a short daily tip from the beginning of December until New Year’s Eve. For example: 30 Days to a Stronger, Richer Blog; 30 Daily Tips To Powerboost Your Networking; 30 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking. That gives you an excuse to increase the number of interactions with your network; and as long as the content is good, you will be providing true value to your audience. If you’re thinking, “Great advice—if only this podcast had come out at the beginning of December instead of the end,” don’t worry. Make your year-end countdown a beginning year “fast start” with a daily tip for each day in January.

Remember to provide information, not a sales pitch. I think it’s best to very subtly suggest your call to action in your signature line only. For example, if you are job searching, sign every daily tip with “ABC Professional currently exploring opportunities for new employment”, or “XYZ Professional looking for final stop on career path.” If you are selling services, “Your Communication Professional offering workshops, keynotes, and seminars.” Then include a link to more information.

Tip #7 Send Holiday Presents (Free Stuff)

Most people like free stuff, especially if it’s good stuff. Consider creating a digital download page “holiday present.” You can include an electronic report or multiple helpful reports or presentations (you don’t even need to create them yourself, just choose content that you have found helpful). Then mail physical and electronic postcards with a link to your digital present. On that page of course, you’ll also want to include a summary of your experience and a link to your resume or LinkedIn summary.

Another similar idea is to give away books. Buy several copies directly from your favorite author and give them away to your colleagues and friends. (And hey, have I mentioned I have a book out? <wink>) Maybe even ask the author if he or she will sign the books. Recently I read that a well-known blogger gave away copies of books he had on his book shelf--duplicates he had been given. I’m thinking of doing that this year, since I have a few duplicates right now.


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