How to Boost Your Brand At Work

Typically branding applies to entrepreneurs or businesses, however, personal branding is just as important for the corporate worker. Improve your reputation and credibility by following these 3 steps.

Lisa B. Marshall,
May 30, 2013
Episode #144

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The next step is to look to role models for desirable traits. How would you like others to perceive you? You can choose whatever is important to you, however, don’t copy someone else’s personal brand. Your brand needs to be authentically you, or it just won’t work. So, choose positive terms that are important to you and to the advancement of your career. It’s strange, but the simple act of labeling how you want to be perceived will influence your actions and behaviors. You will become your brand. 

Sherri chose to define her brand as “confident,” “organized,” “intelligent,” and a “strong communicator.” She posted her new brand to her desktop, to her dashboard, her bathroom mirror, and her phone as a daily reminder of her commitment to her improved branding.

Step 3: Convey Your Brand

The final step is to live and convey your brand in every way possible. Remember you brand includes both your reputation and your credentials. Project your brand consistently in how you act, how you dress, and how you communicate. Your brand must be top of mind for all that you do. In addition, build your credibility and technical expertise by attending conferences, creating a blog, reading relevant journals, and staying up-to-date in your area. Every communication must consistently reflect your brand.

Sherri attended a leadership conference in her field to expand her knowledge and contacts. She shared what she learned in a report for her colleagues and for her boss. She implemented weekly team meetings that emphasized open communication and project tracking. She asked her manager for weekly feedback for improvement and regularly updated her boss on her activities and accomplishments. 

Sherri even created a social media presence, with the permission of her company. She updated her followers with helpful information that she found while honing her own skills and was asked to speak at the conference she had attended the year before. Sherri became her own brand and as a result, earned a promotion into management a year and half later.

By intentionally creating, developing, and conveying your personal brand you can create your own success. Strong personal branding is key to being viewed as a respected professional who adds significant value to your company. 

This is Lisa B. Marshall, The Public Speaker, passionate about communication, your success is my business. 


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