Portmanteaus are a fun way of making up new words that we all love (or love to hate). Grammar Girl shares a newly-coined portmanteau, and how it can help you to get your hands on a signed copy of the new Brandon Sanderson book!

Mignon Fogarty,
January 14, 2013


Portmanteaus are a fun way of making up words. Lewis Carroll did it, and marketers love it. People often love them or hate these blended words. We have "Brangelina" (Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie), "carmageddon" (cars+ Armageddon), and "spork" (spoon + fork). Today, I learned a new, very specific portmanteau that I'd like to share: "Brandalized."


Brandon Sanderson, author of many books, including the highly anticipated final book in the Wheel of Time series, has made a habit of secretly signing books in airport bookstores as he passes through cities on book tours. Apparently his fans have coined this activity as "Brandalizing" books (Brandon + vandalize). Watch his Twitter account for tips on where to find Brandalized books. 

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