Pronoun Order

What order do pronouns go in a list? Find out whether "me" and "I" go first or last.

Mignon Fogarty,
January 30, 2011

Pronoun Order

"Me first" is a bad attitude in life, and it's a bad approach in grammar, too. When you put yourself in a list with others, it's a rule of politeness to put yourself last:

  • Squiggly and I are shopping.

  • Please send the recipe to Squiggly, Aardvark, and me.

When you're combining nouns and pronouns, the rule is to put the pronouns first, unless that pronoun is "I" or "me." (Politeness trumps the other rule.) Although the sentences below illustrate the rule, they sound awkward. In most cases, you'd probably use plural pronouns such as "they" and "us."

  • She and Squiggly went shopping.

  • Please send the recipe to her and me.

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