How to Multiply and Divide Mixed Fractions

What’s 3-1/2 * 2-1/3? How about 3-1/2 / 2-1/3? How can you multiply or divide any pair of mixed fractions? Keep on reading to find out!

Jason Marshall, PhD
July 21, 2014
Episode #137

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mathReview: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Fractions

As we’ll soon see, the techniques that make it easy to multiply and divide mixed fractions are very similar to the techniques we used when adding and subtracting them. In fact, not only are they very similar, they’re pretty much the same. Which means that if you haven’t yet nailed down how to add and subtract mixed fractions, you’ll definitely want to check out last week’s episode on that topic.

To help jog your memory, the basic method we used to add and subtract mixed fractions was to start by turning all mixed fractions into improper fractions. In doing, we turn problems about mixed fractions into problems about regular fractions…something we know how to solve! Which means that adding and subtracting mixed fractions becomes no harder than adding and subtracting improper fractions.


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