3 Good Ways to Listen to Workout Music

Ben Greenfield,
September 28, 2011

3 Good Ways to Listen to Workout Music

Over at the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page and Twitter page, I recently asked people what their top tunes were for getting motivated to workout harder, or just getting motivated to get out the door to exercise in the first place. Click here for the list of tunes that you came up with.

But now that you have this workout music, how can you use it? Here are 3 good ways to listen to workout music without getting all tangled up in the headphones!

  1. Get a small .mp3 player. An iPhone, iTouch, or large .mp3 player can really get in the way when you're trying to exercise. I recommend getting a very small music player to use during your cardio or weight training sessions. I personally use the tiny iPod shuffle.

  2. Use exercise headphones. Some headphones are bulky, fall out of your ears easily, or have chords that easily catch or get tangled up as you move. I recommend you use headphones specifically designed for exercise, that include in-ear buds that won't fall out. Try something like the Yurbuds in-ear headphones.

  3. Try underwater headphones. At a website like Swim Outlet , you can get underwater headphones, and even a special type of music player that plays music by sending vibrations through your jawbone! It's called a SwimP3 player, and is exactly what I use while swimming laps.

Do you have other ways that you use music? Share them with others at the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page.

Woman Running with Headphones image courtesy of Shutterstock