Get Faster Fat Loss Results with One Quick Trick

New research shows that hiring a personal trainer can help you get faster fat loss results. 

Ben Greenfield,
July 25, 2014

Faster Fat Loss Personal TrainerWhen it comes to fat loss (or any other workout goal for that matter), it makes sense that exercising under the supervision of a personal trainer might get you faster results than motivating yourself and learning new exercises and workouts on your own do. Having been a personal trainer for nearly a decade, I can certainly attest to the fact that my clients always reported “getting better workouts” when I was with them at the gym. But until a recent study appeared in the National Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, there was actually no published data to back up this idea.

In the study, a group of fitness club members were randomized to exercise with a personal trainer administering their exercise program, while another group of fitness club members were left to their own self-directed training methods. The group that trained with a personal trainer increased their lean body mass (meaning they gained muscle, and many of them also lost fat) while the group left to their own methods saw no improvements in lean body mass. Strength and power were also higher in the group that exercised under the supervision of a personal trainer.

So, are you ready to hire a personal trainer without paying too much money or hiring the wrong person? Here’s exactly how to start.

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