How to Get a Stronger Body Using a Unique New Workout Style

Here's an approach to getting a strong and shredded body using these hybrid gymnastics training techniques, along with my own addition of some high intensity intervals for athletes and exercisers who a bit more of a cardio component.

Ben Greenfield,
May 1, 2017
Episode #335

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Gymnastics Exercise/Major Muscle Group Combo:

3-10 Muscle-up Thera-band Assist or (if muscle-ups already practiced earlier in day or sprinkled through day using "Grease The Groove" technique) weighted horizontal pull-ups or other hanging or grip activity like regular pull-ups or neutral grip pull-ups, one set to failure.

Metabolic Boost For Exercisers Who Want More Cardio:

Insert 30 jump pull-ups OR 1/8-1/4 mile run at race pace (masochists can do both)

Weight Training Complexes:

Choose 2-3 complexes from this exercise complex database and complete 3-5 sets or rounds, following the exact instructions, with full recovery between each round

Optional Metabolic Bursts For Finisher (choose one to three of the options below):

10-30 box jumps or band assisted squat jumps 4 sets treadmill sprints or Sprints with Jog back or band assist sprint in place Tabata set on treadmill, rowing machine bike or elliptical (4 minutes of 20 seconds all-out hard, 10 seconds easy)


My cooldown is simple: I simply do 20 arm swings and 20 leg swings then lay on my back for 2 minutes and do deep nasal breathing to reactivate my parasympathetic nervous system.


As I highlight in the article "How To Get A Strong & Shredded Body With Just Two Gymnastics-Style Workouts Per Week." in addition to two of the gymnastics-style training sessions above, I am indeed stacking and sprinkling a few other components into my weekly program, such as obstacle course training challenges thrown at me by my coach Yancy Culp, mobility, foam rolling, ELDOA stretchesCore Foundation trainingKundalini yogamy biohacked infrared sauna, cold thermogenesis and tennis.

I share all of those additional components and how I manage to squeeze them into a week in this plan, which is the exact workout plan I'm following for the first three months of 2017.

Whew! That’s it! I hope you enjoy the muscle gain, strength, cardo and fat loss results you’re guaranteed to get from this program. 

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