Can Your Doctor Help You Lose Weight?

Get-Fit Guy explains a surprising finding about medical school training and obesity.

Ben Greenfield,
November 24, 2012

Can Your Doctor Help You Lose Weight?

by Ben Greenfield 

A recent study looked into the effectiveness of medical school training in the field of obesity. The study results showed significant gaps in medical education regarding this subject. What this means is that many medical students are not being provided with the skills necessary to address obesity, particularly in the areas of nutrition and exercise.

The researchers did not find any medical school program that included obesity education throughout all four years—even during the basic science and clinical years. Although some medical schools require students to learn preventive activities that help with weight loss, even this approach was found to not cover all necessary aspects of obesity management.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re looking for a doctor who might be able to help you lose weight, then look for recommendations and word-of-mouth endorsements from other individuals who that physician has successfully helped. In addition, you should explore the website ExerciseIsMedicine.org, which is jam-packed with helpful weight loss and medical resources for you, your personal trainer, and even your physician to help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

If you have more questions about how a doctor can help you to lose weight, or about exercise as medicine, then ask away at the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page.

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