How to Burn Fat Without Exercise

Want to learn how to burn fat without exercise? Get-Fit Guy shares a tip from a former NASA engineer who presented at the "Become Superhuman" live event in Spokane.

Ben Greenfield,
March 30, 2013

How to Burn Fat Without Exercise

by Ben Greenfield

I recently organized a live event in which people from all over the world came to hear speakers from the realms of fitness, health, and nutrition (including my fellow Quick and Dirty Tips host The Nutrition Diva, who spoke on inflammation).

In one of the presentations, a former NASA materials engineer taught us how to burn fat without exercise. (Even though this newsletter usually teaches you how to exercise better, you’ll enjoy this quick tip, especially when you consider that you can run a whole marathon and only burn 1/2-3/4 pound of fat!)

The trick is to implement a daily “hot-cold contrast shower,” which is better for enhancing fat loss compared to the cold showers and cold weather exposure that I discussed in the episode How to Use Cold Weather to Lose Weight. To do this correctly, you simply take a shower and alternate between 10 seconds of warm water to 20 seconds of cold water 10 times through. That’s just 5 minutes, but it’s free fat burning!

For more fitness tips from the event (along with a photo of myself and the Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel having a healthy cocktail together) click here – and if you have questions about this kind of cold thermogenesis, or other ways to burn fat without exercising, then ask them now at Facebook.com/GetFitGuy page!


Shower Head photo from Shutterstock.