What is Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD?

 Find out the characteristics of people with Attention Deficit Disorder

Sanaz Majd, MD,
November 2, 2011

Question: What is Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD?

Answer: People with Attention Deficit Disorder have the following characteristics:

  • They are easily distracted, they daydream, and they often lose focus--especially with things that don’t interest them.

  • They have difficulty following directions--some of this is due to a wandering mind, but some is due to a propensity to question others’ decisions.

  • They talk a lot, and often do so out of turn--tending to interrupt others or blurt out answers before they are asked.

  • They are constantly in motion--often squirming or fidgeting enough to drive people around them to consider using duct tape or a tranquilizer dart.

  • They often don’t finish things they start--losing interest or getting bored with things quickly.

ADD image courtesy of Shutterstock