What's Missing from Your Weight Loss Resolution?

Your emotions play a key role in your weight loss resolution. Find out how behavioral changes can help you succeed at your fitness goal.

Ben Greenfield,
January 19, 2013

What's Missing from Your Weight Loss Resolution?

by Ben Greenfield

Are you excited to tackle a brand new diet or exercise program for 2013? Before you get too carried away focusing only on nutrition and exercise as the keys to your fitness goals, you should know about one thing that could be missing from your weight loss resolution: emotions.

A recent survey by Consumer Reports magazine asked more than 1,300 licensed psychologists how they deal with clients' weight and fat loss challenges. An astonishing 92% of the respondents reported that helping a client "address underlying emotional issues related to weight gain" was a primary key to helping keep weight off successfully.

The psychologists go on to explain that cognitive behavioral therapy is a cornerstone for successful fat loss. So what exactly does this mean? Here are some examples of behavioral changes that can help you succeed at your fitness goal once and for all:

  • Training on how to make lifestyle changes such as implementing a standing workstation.
  • Strategies for controlling binge eating or eating in response to mood.
  • Adopting a positive view of body image.
  • Developing very clear and specific goals.
  • Enhancing self-confidence and reducing anxiety about weight loss.

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