Savvy Psychologist Podcast Gets an Update!

Savvy Psychologist is getting a new, more updated look. But you can still expect the same great content on the podcast and blog.

QDT Editor,
April 5, 2017

If you're a fan of Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, PhD, and her trademark zero-judgment wit, you may have recently noticed: her podcast has a new look! Here at QDT headquarters, we felt it was time for an aesthetic update to the podcast art; we wanted it to reflect the modern topics Ellen covers, like current trends, breaking psychology news, and much more. However, nothing about the show content itself is changing: you can expect the same great approach and topics covered week by week.

We decided on the light bulb to represent the "a-ha moment," an epiphany which can happen organically or often through therapy or self-reflection. Ellen's episodes put forth practical advice and self-help tips—many of her fans have emailed or messaged about their own a-ha moments, while listening to the show or after they step away.

Here's a list of a few Savvy Psychologist episodes that we at QDT know have helped fuel our revelations! We hope you'll check them out:

Why Am I So Tired?

How to Grow a Thick Skin and Handle Criticism

6 Reasons Why We Self-Sabotage

Is Your Gut Making You Anxious or Depressed?

The 2 Big Beliefs Linke to Anxiety

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

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