How to Care for Your Feet

Do you live with foot pain? House Call Doctor discusses 3 common foot problems and has 5 easy tips on the best way to care for your feet.

Sanaz Majd, MD
October 17, 2013
Episode #134

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5 Tips to Care For Your Feet

Tip #1:  Wear Proper ShoesFoot pain is common, whether it’s heel pain from plantar fasciitis, stubborn calluses, or a simple ankle sprain (although there’s nothing simple about it when you’re in pain).  Therefore, in order to best protect your feet, we need to select proper shoes.  No, your 6-inch pin-point high heels won’t make the list, unfortunately.  Select shoes with a good arch support, like tennis shoes or some brands that make hand-made clogs (you’d be surprised at how super stylish some of these can be).  Alternatively, you can get some quality over-the-counter orthotic inserts (ask your doctor or pharmacist to give you some suggestions) and wear them inside all of your shoes.

Tip #2:  Clean the Feet:  You’d be surprised by how many people never actually clean their feet.  We may take a quick shower on-the-go, but neglect to cleanse one of the most used parts of our bodies.  I recommend buying a good pumice stone at the drug store and using that along with some soap to gently scrub the bottoms of your feet daily. Don’t forget to clean the top and in between your toes, too (you can do that with a sponge or foot brush).

Tip #3:  Clean the Shower:  In order to avoid spreading and contracting any foot fungus, it’s a good idea to spray some bleach onto your shower floors once a week to kill any fungus inhabiting that area. The Domestic CEO has some great suggestions on how to keep your shower clean and grime-free.

Tip #4:  No Barefoot Walking:  That’s how we typically contract fungus – when our bare feet come into contact with fungus-infested floors (you may not be able to see it, but fungus is just among us, so don’t risk it).  Most especially, beware of public areas – such as public showers, pools, hotels, your friend’s house, etc.  Take waterproof sandals!

Tip #5:  Don’t Sweat it:  People who are on their feet all day and sweat inside their shoes are at higher risk of fungal infections.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to bleach your socks frequently, and to take an extra pair (or two) of socks to work and change them throughout the day. You can apply baby powder to your feet to help keep them dry or spray an aluminum-based antiperspirant onto your feet.

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