Fat Loss Myths…Busted!

What are the 3 biggest weight loss myths that were busted this past year? Get-Fit Guy sorts out fact from fiction.

Ben Greenfield,
January 17, 2014

In the past year, 3 big fat loss myths were busted – myths that we can all learn a big lessons from, especially when it comes to accelerating weight loss. So let’s jump right in!

Myth #1: Getting Up Early to Exercise Is a Good Idea

In fact, a study this year found that maintaining a regular sleep schedule was significantly linked to lower body fat. This makes sense, since shorting yourself on sleep can cause hormonal imbalances that lead to appetite cravings, a sluggish metabolism, and less effective workouts. As a personal trainer, one thing that always amazes me are the clients who say they don’t have enough time to optimize both sleep and exercise, but are then able to rattle off every major character in their favorite TV show – which they spend 2-3 hours per week watching!

If you're going to spend hours staring at a screen every day, at least make them worthwhile and follow my tips on How to Get Fit While Watching TV.

Myth #2: Being a Little Bit Fat Is Healthy

A recent analysis of studies from the last 60 years showed that it is not possible to be fit and overweight at the same time.  Researchers found that individuals with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) but normal blood pressure and cholesterol were at higher risk for dying of heart disease than non-overweight people. The researchers believe that their analysis corrects for previous studies talked about earlier this year, which failed to consider all components of metabolic health. So don’t let a fried chicken munching friend convince you that having a cushion is healthy. It’s not!

Myth #3: Eating Breakfast Leads to Weight Loss

Some studies have definitely shown that skipping meals can cause weight gain, but he connection between breakfast and successful weight loss has never been proven. Furthermore, this year a study showed the opposite: that breakfast accelerating weight loss is not backed by any scientific evidence.  I personally drink a giant green smoothie most mornings (although I sometimes skip breakfast and just go straight to lunch). But I never prioritize this meal over others and often don’t get around to eating anything until well after 10am.

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