How to Celebrate National Frozen Food Day

Today is National Frozen Food Day!

Cheryl Butler,
March 6, 2017

Thanks to Clarence Birdseye, frozen food as we know it today was taken to a tasty new level through a process he discovered in 1924 called flash freezing.  The process enables food to be frozen rapidly which will prevent the formation of ice crystals.  This helps food to not only taste fresher but when it thaws, it won’t be a pile of mush.

On March 6, 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the day to be known as National Frozen Food Day, and with that our country has been celebrating this delightful convenience ever since.

Many time we tend to take something as simple as a frozen bag of veggies or a ready-made pizza in the frozen food aisle for granted.  This year, instead of overlooking the wide variety of frozen foods available to us, why not focus on how much these great items benefit our families and our busy lifestyles?

Here are five fun ideas to help you celebrate fantastic frozen foods on March 6th and beyond.

1. Plan an entire day’s worth of meals by only using frozen food items.  Breakfast could be frozen egg and biscuit sandwiches.  Lunch can be frozen mac and cheese with a loaf of frozen garlic bread.  Dinner could be a zesty frozen lasagna with a frozen pound cake for dessert drizzled with a bag of thawed frozen strawberries and non-dairy whipped topping.

2. Put a fresh spin on frozen pizza.  Select a couple of frozen pizzas and right before heating them up layer extra frozen cheese and frozen sausage or other favorite frozen meat products all over the top and then bake.

3. Freeze fruit.  Grapes, berries and even bananas make a yummy sweet treat when frozen.  Take a peeled banana, place a popsicle stick in the bottom and dip the top half in melted chocolate. Freeze in a Ziploc baggie for a mouthwatering treat.  Another family pleaser is freezing a bag of red or green seedless grapes. 

4. Ice cream sundae bar.  Let your kids pick out their favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt and all the yummy fixings and have delicious sundaes for dessert.

5. Cue up Disney’s popular Frozen movie and serve frozen TV dinners while you watch. 

For more family fun ideas, visit the Mighty Mommy page.

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