How to Disrupt the Yogurt Business

Koel Thomae is the founder of Noosa Yogurt, and joined the Clever Cookstr to talk about how her walkabout turned into the creation of a new kind of food company. We talk food trends, flavor profiles, and entrepreneurship on this week's episode.

Kara Rota,
March 28, 2017
Episode #144

Food has always been a passion point for Koel Thomae, the co-founder of Noosa Yogurt. She started out in the food industry working for Izze, a beverage company, and was visiting her family in Australia when she came across a tub of full-fat yogurt popping with fresh passionfruit puree in a local market. It changed how she thought about the food, which was for so long a highly processed, low-fat, diet substitute for actually tasty dairy products. She teamed up with Colorado dairy farmer Rob Graves to create Noosa, a whole milk yogurt with innovative flavors, a unique package, and a velvety texture.

Starting a food business isn't easy, and Koel ran into plenty of struggles with getting retailers on board, handling the logistics of perishable dairy production, and getting her product's name out into the marketplace.

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