How to Enjoy Local Cuisines and Markets

Our guest today is Marjorie Williams, travel and food blogger and author of the books Markets of Paris and now, Markets of Provence. She joins the Clever Cookstr to talk about her food discoveries in these markets, her go-to French pantry items, and her top tips for travelers on making the most of local cuisine.

Kara Rota,
February 9, 2016
Episode #087

Here are some of Marjorie's top tips for making the most of local cuisine when traveling:

1) Go to Local Markets 

For people interested in exploring local cuisine, the markets are the best way to get a sense of regional specialties, meet the makers, vendors, and producers and talk with them about the foods, and get access to the freshest foods, from cheeses to pastries. Particularly, go to country markets as well as city markets.

2) Stay Somewhere with a Kitchen

The value of staying in a place with a kitchen when you travel is huge. Of course, you can still take advantage of prepared foods and simple picnic meals if staying in a room or hotel, but if you are really interested in exploring eating like a local, it's fun to be able to cook with some of your market finds.

3) Try the Wine!

Particularly in Provence, try to get the local village wines—they're often as good as the more expensive, famous Provencal wines. 

Tune in and listen to the whole podcast in the top right hand player of this page, or on iTunes and Stitcher, to learn more about:

  • Marjorie's favorite food discovery in Provencal markets
  • Stories from the fascinating vendors, farmers, and chefs at the markets
  • The staple French food items Marjorie always keeps on hand
  • And more!

Check out Marjorie's new book, Markets of Provence, available for preorder now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or BooksaMillion, and officially out on May 6, 2016.


Marjorie R. Williams is a food and travel writer. She coauthored Markets of Paris, 2nd ed., a guidebook that describes the food, antiques, crafts, and specialty markets in Paris. Her new book, Markets of Provence, will be available in Spring 2016 from St. Martin’s Press. Her work has been featured in Afar, NPR’s Travel with Rick Steves, The Huffington Post, France Today, and House Beautiful. She has a B.A. from the University of Chicago and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.

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