The Art of Gluten-Free French Pastries

Patisserie Gluten Free: The Art of French Pastry, by Vermont baker Patricia Austin, tackles the challenge of recreating the signature buttery flakiness of French pastries like croissants and eclairs with gluten-free formulas.

Kara Rota,
March 14, 2017
Episode #142

As the author of Patisserie Gluten Free: The Art of French Pastry, and the founder of Wild Flour Vermont Bakery, Patricia Austin knows a thing or two about gluten-free baking as well as French pastries. She joined us to share some tips and tricks.

1) Common binders in gluten-free baking, like xanthan gum and guar gum, aren't used in Patricia's recipes. She uses a proprietary gluten-free flour blend including vegetable cellulose, which has a better binding effect so pastries rise more effectively.

2) Weighing your ingredients makes a big difference, and Patricia suggests doing so (rather than measuring by cups and tablespoons) when baking for the best, most exact results. "Baking is about precision. If you weigh your ingredients, your chances of suggests are immediately increased," she says.

3) Be well-organized. Set up your ingredients, equipment, and tools before you begin. Make sure your ingredients are at room temperature, unless otherwise indicated. And always read the recipe through twice before you get started!

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