How to Organize a Little Girl's Closet

 Organizing children’s closets is one of the Domestic CEO's favorite jobs. Check out this little girl's closet makeover. 

Amanda Thomas,
October 28, 2013

Organizing children’s closets is one of my favorite things to do. So when a good friend asked me to help her organize her daughter Brynn's closet, of course I said yes. In a previous Domestic CEO episode, I gave you 6 tips to keeping your child’s closet organized.

Here’s a quick review:

1.   Remove everything

2.   Make 5 piles:

  • Now
  • Too Big
  • Store
  • Give Away
  • Trash

3.   Create Structure

4.   Organize

5.   Label

6.   Maintain

When my friend came to me, her 2-year-old daughter's closet hadn’t been cleaned out in over a year. The closet was desperately in need of organization (and a huge purge).

So, of course, I followed my own tips. The first thing I did was take everything out. Once I sorted everything into the 5 previously mentioned categories, it was time to create structure.

Since Brynn liked to dress herself, I put all her day-to-day clothes in the dresser, where she’d be able to access them. Keep in mind that when your child likes to dress herself, the decision becomes more difficult the more choices she has. A great tip is to keep at her level at least 5 selections of tops, bottoms, and shoes at all times for her to choose from.  To the right of the dresser, there’s now a “too small” bin, and the top of the closet is now neatly organized with labeled bins for items that needed to stay in the room.  

I made sure to keep all of her dressy dresses in the center of the closet, where her mother could reach them in a hurry, but where her daughter couldn't get to. (We don’t want any unnecessary staining of such pretty clothes!)

Now that her closet has been cleaned out, organized, and labeled, it’s much easier to maintain. One great way to continue maintaining your daughter’s clean closet is to make time each day to tidy up the room. As part of her daily routine, encourage your child to help fold and put her clothes away. You can find more tips and tricks to keeping your child’s closet organized, including helpful how-tos and a full detail of my 5 categories, in the Domestic CEO episode called How to Organize Your Child's Closet.

And now, for the big reveal!

Brynn's Closet Before                       Brynn's Closet After



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