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About Jason Marshall, PhD

When not writing and hosting Quick and Dirty Tips’ Math Dude podcast, Jason Marshall works as a research scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) studying the infrared light emitted by starburst galaxies and quasars. Prior to that, he was a postdoctoral scholar at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Jason obtained a Ph.D. from Cornell University, where he also taught many physics and astronomy classes, and a B.S. in Astrophysics from UCLA. In addition to these astronomical interests, Jason has many earthly diversions. These include travel, technology, green building, soccer, and spending time with his wife, Shannon, and their brown tabby cat in and around their Los Angeles area home.

The Math Dude makes understanding math easier and more fun than your teachers ever led you to believe was possible. Host Jason Marshall provides clear explanations of math terms and principles, and his simple tricks for solving basic algebra problems will have even the most math-phobic person looking forward to working out whatever math problem comes their way. If you’re getting ready to take the SATs or GREs, or if you’re going back to school and need to brush up on the basics, Math Dude will strengthen your fundamental skills, help you better understand the language of math, and succeed when it comes to taking a test. And if you just want to calculate the tip without using your iPhone and impress all your friends, his tips and tricks are for you too.

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