Get Tax Information Via New Media

Laura Adams, MBA,
August 9, 2011


Quick Tip: Use New Media to Get Tax Information

Getting answers to your tax-related questions doesn’t have to be difficult. In addition to the IRS web site, here are 5 ways that the IRS makes it easy for you to get information using new media:

  1. Facebook. Get posts with valuable tax information and find help to resolve tax issues at facebook.com/IRS

  2. Twitter. Get tweets from the IRS about tax news, updates, and special announcements at twitter.com/IRSnews

  3. YouTube. Watch various IRS video channels that teach you tax topics in English, a variety of foreign languages, and American Sign Language

  4. Mobile Apps. Download the IRS2Go smartphone app that lets you interact with the IRS and get tax topics on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android

  5. Podcasts. Listen to recordings on specific tax topics at IRS.gov or by subscribing to the IRS podcast on iTunes

Check out the complete IRS New Media page for more ways to stay connected and get the latest information from the IRS.

Tax Tablet image courtesy of Shutterstock

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