Your Presence is the Present

Giftless parties are a new trend today, but one that is certainly catching on!

Cherylyn Feierabend,
July 26, 2008
Episode #075

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Are you ready to party? This week’s guest writer is Lisa Kothari, Kids’ Party Expert, Owner of Peppers and Pollywogs, and author of Dear Peppers and Pollywogs…What Parents Want To Know About Planning Their Kids’ Parties.

Present-less Parties

When planning kids’ parties today, there is a trend to request No Gifts on the party invitation. Parents are deciding to opt out of including birthday gifts at their parties for several reasons: either they want to limit the extravagance of the party, or they want to teach their children a philanthropic lesson that helps or includes everyone.

Unfortunately, when people see the request No Gifts on a kids’ party invitation, there are always a few guests who will still bring them because it is ingrained in society to do so. It can be awkward when many guests follow the request, while others don’t when they meet up at the party! You can imagine the scene.

If your intention is to limit extravagance, provide a price limit for the party gift and reiterate this on the RSVP phone call as well. As an example, you can write, “Gifts under $5 would be greatly appreciated.”