The Baby Chase: How Surrogacy is Changing American Family

The idea of surrogacy carries some serious baggage. In fact, it makes lots of people uncomfortable. Mighty Mommy chats with Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of The Baby Chase, about the divisive issues surrounding surrogacy. 

Cheryl Butler,
May 26, 2014
Episode #281

As a woman who endured 6 years of unexplained infertility—resulting in 3 miscarriages and finally a beautiful adoption (an infant daughter who is now 20 years old)—I considered every alternative available in order to become a mother.  Though we opted for adoption (and then I went on to deliver 7 healthy babies after that), surrogacy is definitely a route that we considered during those trying 6 years. 

The idea of surrogacy seems to carry some serious baggage. Perhaps it’s because many people don’t have all the facts about what a wonderful alternative this can be for families who are unable to start a family by natural means.

That’s why I invited Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of the enlightening book The Baby Chase: How Surrogacy is Transforming the American Family to shed some light on this divisive issue.  >

Click the Play button on the audio player in the upper right hand corner of your screen to listen to our conversation. Here are some of the hot topics that we discuss: 

  • What is surrogacy exactly? 

  • What are the steps a couple or individual must take in order to find reliable information about surrogacy?

  • The financial component of surrogacy is often prohibitive and most controversial. What are the costs involved?  

  • Do insurance companies provide coverage for surrogacy?

  • What are some of the psychological issues associated with surrogcay?

  • What are some reasons a woman would consider carrying a baby for another family? How can a woman apply to become a surrogate?

  • How many children are born via surrogate means in the U.S. each year? 

  • Is surrogacy an evil institution that takes advantage of disadvantaged women?

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast to learn the answers to these and many other questions about this hot topic.

And check out Leslie Morgan Steiner's book The Baby Chase for an up close and personal look at this fascinating topic.  

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