Behold The Power Of Choice

As parents, we make most decisions for our young children.

Cherylyn Feierabend
November 5, 2010
Episode #081

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This week’s guest writer is award-winning author Stacey Kaye. I am excited to share Stacey’s writing with you. My kids and I have truly enjoyed her two books, Ready for the Day! A Tale of Teamwork and Toast, and Hardly Any Foot Dragging and Ready for Bed! A Tale of Cleaning up Tucking In, and Hardly Any Complaining. You can find more information about Stacey and the wonderful information she’s sharing at www.parentsmartkidhappy.com. In this episode, she’s going to talk to us about the power of choice.

Ah … behold the power of choice.

Think about this. As parents, we make most decisions for our young children. We dictate when meals are served and often we pre-select the menu.  We manage their schedules, imposing specific social outings and extra curricular activities.  We determine when the TV is on and off and which programs are appropriate. We even force our own personal sense of style and fashion on our kids. Would you dress like your mother? I rest my case.

As a result of all of our parental micro-managing, kids feel powerless. Can we blame them?  Being able to choose for ourselves is an innate human need. So, what is a controlling type-A mom or dad to do?

Offer your child choices … sit back … watch and be amazed.

Instead of commanding your child to get dressed, try:

  • Would you like to wear your red striped shirt or blue truck T-shirt?
  • Would you like to wear your dinosaur or fire engine underwear?
  • Would you like to brush your teeth first or your hair?


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