The Importance of Choice

Mighty Mommy explains how to encourage cooperation and keep kids happy by giving them the power to choose.

Mighty Mommy,
February 27, 2012

In a recent episode, guest blogger Stacey Kaye discussed the Power of Choice. Here are the top reasons why giving your child a choice in day-to-day matters is so important:


  1. Giving kids choices often helps prevent power struggles. The child who is presented with a choice will embrace the chance to choose and save defiance for the times you make demands.

  2. Giving kids choices also defuses power struggles. When in the middle of a heated tantrum, try offering a choice and see if that takes the air out of the power struggle so you can get things done without a battle.

  3. Giving kids choices often results in cooperation, the very thing we are trying to gain in the first place. Ah ha!

  4. Giving kids the opportunity to choose makes them more independent, more skilled at making decisions, and more aware of the relationship between their decisions and outcomes; a lifelong lesson worth teaching now instead of later.

  5. Finally, and maybe most importantly, having choices makes kids feel good.

Mother and Son image courtesy of Shutterstock

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