Which Parenting Rules Should Be Broken?

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent and some of those parenting rules you hear are made to be broken.

Cherylyn Feierabend,
January 22, 2011
Episode #176

Ever feel like you will never be the “perfect parent”? I’m so, completely, totally, unequivocally not the perfect parent. I’m far from it! What does that even mean—“perfect”? And who’s out there judging us anyway? I decided that in the spirit of parents supporting parents, I’m going to share some of the rules that I break--the rules that keep me from being the perfect parent. I’m also going to defend myself because maybe some of you break these rules too and it’s OK. It’s OK not to be perfect all of the time.

My Kids Play Video Games

My kids play video games. They love video games. My husband plays video games and, yes, I also play video games too. There’s more gaming going on in my house than there probably is in yours. My husband has hosted a couple of video game podcasts and we own more gaming machines than anyone I know. We do set limits on the amount of game play time the kids have, and homework has to be done prior to playing. Sometimes we fail at time limits because we, the parents, are playing games. Family game night in our house doesn’t always involve board games, but we are still playing together, and with our Xbox 360 Kinect and our Nintendo Wii both sporting games that involve motion sensors, we actually do get up off the couch and move our bodies.

Sometimes We Eat Fast Food

It’s a good thing we get up and move because sometimes we have to burn off those French fries we just ate. Yeah, you heard me right, French fries. It’s terrible, but fast food does find its way into our lives. Personally, I think most of it is garbage and doesn’t taste very good, but somehow, those hamburgers and fries find their way into my kids’ mouths at times. I know other parents do it too because when we sometimes go to that one with the play area, it’s packed. My kids eat plenty of healthy fruits and veggies every day. They are very good about it, so I’m forgiving us for the once-in-a-while stray into unhealthy territory. Do you do it too? In one-parent families or families where both people work outside the home, sometimes the convenience of fast food will afford you more family time. As long as it’s not more than once or twice a month, I think you should forgive yourself too!

Pajama Days

Finally, we have something around here we call “pajama days.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. We all just hang around the house and watch movies, play games, take naps, and basically be lazy… all while wearing pajamas. I’m not going to defend this at all. If you don’t already have pajama days in your life, I highly recommend them!

The Rules We Never Break

So, as long as you are safe, smart, happy, and loving, remember to forgive yourself for those days where you feel like maybe you aren’t the best parent in the world.

So, as you can see, I’m not a perfect parent by any means, but I still think I’m doing a pretty good job. My daughter just got her second perfect attendance certificate in a row. We always wear helmets when we ride bikes and seat belts in the car. We brush our teeth twice a day, and we never miss a day of reading together. My husband and I love and cherish our children every day. We all have those days and they don’t make us any less perfect, because really, is there such a thing anyway?

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and for being the best parent you can be!

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