6 DIY Hacks for Your Child Painter

Got a little painter on your hands? These DIY hacks will bring your painting child great joy, whether it's a cardboard palette or a flip flop stamp.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
October 12, 2017


Your little Picasso needs some tools and a creative canvas? We've got you covered.

DIY Painting With Your Kids

  1. Shower Curtain Liner Re-Use
  2. Arty Aluminum
  3. Painting with Peanuts
  4. Flip a Flip Flop
  5. DIY Finger Paints
  6. Turn Markers into Watercolor Paints!

Let's explore each DIY trick.

1. Shower Curtain Liner Re-Use

When it’s finally time to replace your shower curtain liner, keep the old one and use it for a drop cloth while painting or doing art projects.

2. Arty Aluminum

Art project? Make mixing paint easy by using a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil as your artist’s palette. Kids will especially love it if you cut the cardboard in the shape of a palette first.

3. Painting with Peanuts

Here’s a creative way to use up some of those Styrofoam packing peanuts: as little paintbrushes for the kids’ craft time! Poke a plastic fork into each peanut, creating one for every color. The kids can dip the foam in paint and make all kind of fun patterns. Plus, clean-up is a breeze; just toss the foam and fork brushes in the trash when they’re done.

4. Flip a Flip-Flop

Lost a flip-flop? Might as well put the remaining shoe to good use. Trace a fun shape in the foam flop, then cut it out with an X-Acto knife. Now your kid has a brand new stamp great for dipping in paints and ink!

5. DIY Finger Paints

Keep your kids busy and encourage their creativity with homemade finger paints: Start by mixing two cups cold water with a quarter cup of cornstarch, then boil until the liquid is as thick as, um, finger paints. Pour into small containers, swirl in some food coloring, and watch them create their masterpieces (just keep those colorful fingers away from walls!).

6. Turn Markers into Watercolor Paints!

Rather than shopping for store-bought paints, reuse old dried-up markers: Simply gather colored markers into batches by color, and tie them together with a rubber band. Pour water into small glass jars (baby food jars are perfect), and fill to just below their screw-top necks. Place the markers tip-ends down into the jars, so the inky points are soaking in the water. Leave the markers to soak overnight, and voilà—beautiful, vivid color paints!

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