Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Don't let your kids' curiosity ruin their positive experience online!

Mighty Mommy,
April 23, 2012

If you let your kids have access to the Internet, their safety should always be the number one priority. Here are some quick and dirty tips for keeping kids safe while using the Internet:

  1. Keep computers and video games in common rooms of your house. If you allow your kids to have access in a private space, you are limiting your ability to know what is happening.

  2. Communicate with your kids, have them show you their favorite websites, and allow them to create bookmarks to their favorite sites for easy access. This can help you prevent them from wandering off into inappropriate website content as well.

  3. Set your search engine filters to strictly filter out explicit results. There are also many programs available that you can install on your computer to block any suggestive content sites.

Here are some links that can help manage technology online. I especially recommend using one of these programs for younger children, as well as children who need more supervision or who seem to be extra curious while exploring the Internet.:


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