Kids and Technology at Home

How to approach the advantages and dangers of having technology at home.

Mighty Mommy,
March 26, 2012

Question: What is your attitude toward letting children use computers and the Internet at home? I’ve heard many schools of thought, from totally restricting Internet access to only allowing educational games to having no restrictions on computer use, but I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter, as a blogger and podcaster.

Answer: There is a high likelihood your child will use computers in school and then, later down the road, in a job situation. So, in my opinion, letting your children use technology at home will prepare them for a world filled with it. The idea of eliminating the Internet entirely seems impossible to me, but I know there are families who try and families who do.

However, that said, I don’t feel that kids need to have Internet access on hand-held devices such gaming systems, mobile phones, or iPods. Family computers and some video gaming consoles will have plenty of Internet for kids to consume. I also recommend being aware and actively available when your kids are using these items, especially when surfing the Internet. Consider investing in one of those timers that automatically stops the game after a specified amount of time daily. Of course, the time limits you set are personal and I’ll simply suggest that you make sure your children have a good balance of physical play, outdoor play, imaginative-independent play, and plenty of quality social time with you and their peers.

Girl on Computer image courtesy of Shutterstock