What Are the Symptoms of Heatstroke in Dogs?

The Dog Trainer outlines the 6 major signs that your dog is overheated and in need of veterinarian assistance asap.

Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA,
June 3, 2012

Summer is here, and so is potential heatstroke.

My favorite answer to this question was given in a blog post by the veterinarian Louisa Beal: “If it’s hot and your pet isn’t acting right, get to a vet.” In other words, wondering whether your pet’s symptoms match those of heatstroke is a dangerous waste of time.

But in case you want to make sure, here are the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs:

  • heavy panting
  • thick saliva
  • reduced activity/unwillingness to move around
  • rapid heartbeat
  • stupor
  • collapse
  • coma

As for first aid: On your way to the vet, in your car with the air conditioner turned up full blast, a human passenger can put cool water—not ice—on the dog’s paws and other hairless body parts.


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