Effortless Ways to Organize Your Drawers

Drawers get messy quickly if you have no orgnizational method to them. Use some of these tips to clean up that junk drawer.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin,
July 20, 2017

Egg Cartons and Ice Cube Trays

Is your dresser drawer starting to look like someone ransacked it? Egg cartons and plastic ice cube trays make great organizational tools for jewelry, cuff links, and other trinkets, and they’ll easily fit inside your drawer.

Baby Food Jars

It’s true: even your junk drawer needs organizing. Make it simple by using baby food jars. They’re perfect for storing screws, rubber bands, thumbtacks, matches, sugar packets, loose change, and anything else that finds its way inside.

Silverware Trays

If your bathroom drawers are a jumbled mess, invest in an inexpensive plastic silverware tray. It’s a great way to organize the little things you’ve got rattling around in there.

Bread Tags

Got a pile of mysterious keys in your junk drawer? First, the hard part: Lay them out in front of you and identify which key belongs to which lock. Then label them with bread-bag tags for future reference. No more key-related confusion!

Nonskid Rug Pad

A nonskid rug pad is a terrific liner for your kitchen or office drawers. The tacky surface prevents utensils, paper clips, thumbtacks—anything!—from slipping around.


Keep bureau drawers under control by using shoeboxes to separate underwear, socks, tights, and whatever else gets quickly stuffed in there when company comes.

Paper Towel Tube

Here’s another great tip for saving precious space in your kitchen drawers. Keep cookie cutters organized and easy to find by slipping them over a cardboard paper towel tube and standing them upright in the pantry.

Double-Decker Utensil Drawers

Use your drawer space as efficiently as possible, especially if yours are extra deep. Stack two utensils trays on top of one another, then store your frequently used utensils—forks, spoons, knives, can openers—in the top tray, and those less-often used in the bottom. We keep our chopsticks, skewers, ladles, and garlic press in the bottom tray, and simply lift off the top tray whenever we need them.

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