Start Meetings On Time

Learn this trick to get all your coworkers to the meeting on time.

Stever Robbins,
October 5, 2011

Quick Tip: How to Start Meetings On Time

There's nothing that's more of a time suck than waiting for people to show up to a meeting. You say, "The meeting will start promptly at 2pm," and people think they can be a few minutes late. After all, they aren't the one sitting in a conference room twiddling their thumbs waiting; you are.

Instead, schedule your meetings for odd times: 2:05pm, 11:13am. People remember the meeting time and they're there on time. I have no idea why it works, but I'll go check out some scientific journals and see what I can figure out. Meet you back here in 9 minutes, exactly.

Meeting image courtesy of Shutterstock