All Dressed Up (or Not?)

You're all dressed up and feeling great…until you get to the party and realize that you missed the memo on the proper attire. Have no fear! You can still pull off a great look with Modern Manners Guy’s 3 quick and dirty tips for being improperly dressed for an event.

Richie Frieman,
February 17, 2013
Episode #238

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Tip #3: Bring in Reinforcements

My friend Bill will hate that I'm telling this story, but I've changed his name…he usually goes by Will. Oops!

Last summer, Will – uh, I mean Bill – attended a casual work party. He wore his favorite pair of khakis and was ready for a fun-filled evening with colleagues. However, when he got out of the car to get gas on the way to the party, he split his pants in the back from below the belt all the way down his thigh. Bill was already twenty minutes from his house and only a mile from the party. And I don't care who you are, not even someone as cool as Johnny Depp could pull off a split khakis look. Although, I'm sure Depp could pull it off, but you get my point. So of course, Bill did what any other grown man would do – he cursed a rainbow of colorful expletives for about five minutes. Then he examined his options:

Option 1: Go home, change, and arrive late to the party (which is highly improper)


Option 2: Show up with a rip that looks like a T-Rex took a swipe at him. 

Then, just over the horizon, like a mirage in the desert, a red and white sign illuminated with hope…Target!

Bill drove over to Target, picked up a decent pair of khakis, and bid farewell to his once favorite pair. Sure, the new pants didn't fit quite as well as his designer ones, but they worked for the evening.

Here is a clear example of how you have to be open to other options in an emergency. You can't go three blocks without running into a retail store nowadays and if you need something in a jiffy, you can't be too picky. If you spill coffee all over your shirt or blouse, go pick up another one that will work for the time being. If you break a heel, head over to a store and grab a pair that will get you through the next hour or so. You never want to spend money you didn't plan to, and it may not be your first choice in clothing, but in a jam you have to act fast. It’s that, or sulk in a corner over your stained dress or ripped pants. And where’s the fun in that?

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