How to be More Mannerly

Resolve to be more mannerly in the coming year.

Trent Armstrong,
December 28, 2009

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A new year is upon us and that usually means it's time to draw up a list of resolutions. Folks will be hitting the gym and following new diet plans, patching up relationships, and even finishing long forgotten photo albums. And if you didn't already have enough stuff to work on for the coming year, I would like to offer a challenge.

How to be More Mannerly

In preparing for this set of tips I was thinking back over the last year and all the emails I've received. Many of them contain compliments for various tips I’ve given, and some are requests for new manners tips. However, there have been several emails asking for advice on how you can correct someone else's rude behavior. I think many of us (even your Modern Manners Guy from time to time) would like to just go ahead and tell folks when we think they are being unmannerly and how they should correct their behavior.

My first tip to being more mannerly is to monitor your mannerly attitude. It is very easy for us to judge others for being unmannerly. It is not, however, very mannerly to do so. Yes, even I, the bearer of all Quick and Dirty manners tips fall into this trap. Let's all work together in the coming months to offer grace and understanding without feeling the overwhelming need to point a polite finger at those we deem rude. Unless you are teaching manners to your child or someone who has asked for advice, your best option is to lead by your humble example.

Quick and Dirty Tips for Being More Mannerly

I also wanted to take a few of the major moments from the last fifty-two or so posts and boil them down into a quick list. This set of tips can be a starting point for each day that will help you live a more polite life. These tips are not necessarily in order of importance since all of them are necessary.


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