Should You Give a Gift Receipt?

Modern Manners Guy's verdict on gift receipts: They're thoughtful, not evil. Here's why...

Richie Frieman,
December 22, 2011

I'm pretty sure that each of us has a family member or friend who, upon receiving our well-thought-out gift, asked for a gift receipt. He or she might have even told you in advance that you should include it with the present before you even go shopping. What nerve!

Well, I think it's time we stopped worrying about our own feelings. Gift receipts are not evil. In fact, they are very thoughtful. Imagine your brother or mom standing in the return line trying to exchange their fancy new sweater for a fancy new sweater that fits a little better. He or she might be stuck with a lot of hassle trying to make the return without that gift receipt.

Gifts are not about you! A gift should be something that makes the receiver happy—something that conveys your feelings for them and not your feelings for yourself. The gift receipt is a way to say "I tried. But if I didn't get it quite right, here is a handy little do-over slip that will keep us on speaking terms."

Gift Receipt image courtesy of Shutterstock

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