The Holiday Party 2, Guest of a Guest

Either way -- they WILL remember you.

Trent Armstrong,
December 8, 2008

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This week we'll be answering an email from Nobody.

Nobody writes:

"Dear MMG, I have been invited to a holiday office party by a friend/girlfriend or boyfriend/spouse, and I'm not exactly sure how to spend an evening hobnobbing as a guest of a guest with people I don't really know. What say you?"

I'd like to thank Nobody for asking. It was getting a little lonely here in the echo chamber, and I'm glad you didn't take the time to write in and ask such a great question. 

The role of the guest of a guest can at times be a complicated one and in just a few moments, we'll take a look at some things you need to know to be the guest of a guest that bests the rest of the guests (but not the person who invited you).

And You May Ask Yourself, "How Did I Get Here?"

Now, believe me, I understand the stress of being a guest of a guest. For starters, the sheer litany of situations that you may walk into can be rather daunting. What if the person who invited you is a wallflower at the office, and you find that your date relegates you both to a corner watching everyone else have fun as the clock stands still? What if your date is the office's social butterfly, and you find yourself relegated to a corner by yourself watching your date have fun while the clock laughs in your face? These are both very real possibilities, but today I'm going to offer you some tips to help best acquit yourself to any scenario... however uncomfortable.

The first thing that it is important to remember is that you, as a guest of a guest, are an ambassador for your date. You should always be on your best behavior-- a respectable envoy. On the Monday following the party, you should hear nothing but reports of how much everyone loves you.

As we discussed in our previous episode, as embarrassing as it may be to have to explain how it was the full moon that caused you to dance on the table with a lampshade on your head, it can be even more embarrassing having to explain it to a date who invited you to the party-- and then for extra shame, ask your date how he explained it to his fellow employees on Monday.


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