10 Ways to Celebrate Best Friends Day

Quality time with our friends is often put on the back burner. Best Friends Day is the perfect excuse to plan a getaway with your BFF!

Cheryl Butler,
June 7, 2017

One of the greatest joys in life is having a special person to call your best friend. Your BFF is by your side through thick and thin, and loves you unconditionally no matter what is going on in your life. 

Whether you have a bestie who has been your sidekick since grammar school, your college roommate, or someone you've met while chasing your kids at a local playground—having another person you can call your best friend is one of life’s most wonderful gifts.

June 8 is celebrated nationally as Best Friends Day. Regardless of how many best friends you’re lucky enough to have in your life, here are 10 ways you can make this year really count for you and your BFF.

1.  Start a BFF Tradition. If you’ve never celebrated Best Friends Day before, take a moment with your best pal and decide how you’d like to enjoy this special day this year and going forward.  Maybe you have breakfast at your favorite coffee shop after the kids get off to school or have a night on the town with dinner and a movie.  If you can’t celebrate exactly on June 8, pick a date that works for you and stick to it each year.

2. Volunteer Together. It’s always a nice feeling to give back so why not celebrate Best Friends Day by volunteering at your favorite charity or school event together.  This might even turn into a regular time you can spend together all year long.

3. Send a Personalized Card. How nice is it to head to the mailbox and find something other than bills or advertisements?  We get used to receiving pretty cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays such as Mother’s and Father’s Day, but recieving a card for an occasion like Best Friends Day is a real bonus!

4.  Do a Meal Swap. If you’re not able to find the time or handle the expense of going out for a nice dinner to celebrate being best friends, why not each prepare your favorite meal and double the recipe so you can swap.  Both families will benefit from this thoughtful and delicious idea.

5.  Make a Date. With the busy lives most of us lead, finding quality time with our very best friends can often fall by the wayside.  This year, make a date with your BFF for coffee, a glass of wine, or even an afternoon hike in the park.  Find something you both enjoy and plan a date for just the two of you to make it happen.

6.  Make a special friendship book. Scrapbooking is still trendy and a fun and creative way to keep your memories alive.  There are plenty of online scrapbook sites that make it a snap to put a lovely keepsake book together in a short amount of time, including writing a heartfelt or funny letter about how much you value your friendship.

7.  Reach for the Stars. Name a star after your BFF so she can feel like the superstar friend she is!

8. Take a Day Off Together. Most friends don’t spend nearly enough time together, especially after they become parents.  Choose a date on or around Best Friends Day to play hooky from work or home duties and head off for an adventure alone without any of your usual distractions.

9.  Focus on Each Other. Even if you’re really busy with family or work obligations, start Best Friends Day off by focusing on your best buddy.  Whether you post a Facetime tribute, set up a time to Skype or FaceTime, or catch up on the phone when you’re having your morning coffee. Devote some quality moments to your friend before you start the daily grind.

10.  Meet a new friend this upcoming year.  If you’re reading through all these ideas on how to celebrate Best Friends Day but don’t really have someone in your life you’d consider a bestie, invest some important time in finding one so you can celebrate together next year.  Here are two articles to help  you get started:  How to Make New Friends5 Ways to Maintain Friendships During Motherhood.

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