Communicating Via Phone

Stever Robbins
June 28, 2010

A Quick Tip for Communicating Via Phone

In last week's newsletter, I suggested returning emails with phone calls. That's great for you, but what about the other person? Reader Jeremy pointed out that I'm now interrupting them by calling. I've boosted my focus time at the expense of theirs. Jeremy, you're right on with that observation.

When you're communicating with someone else with an interruption form of communication (like a phone call), start by acknowledging that you're potentially interrupting. Ask the other person if now's a good time, and if so, how long they have to talk. Then keep your conversation neatly within bounds. If now is not a good time for them, be prepared to suggest a time later. For example, "William, this is Stever. I realize it's mid-day and you may be busy. I'd like to talk about having you come give a talk. Are you free now? If not, could we talk today at 4? I'll need about 10 minutes."

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