How to Control Your Communications

Rather than waiting for others to step up and do their part, take control. There’s no reason to wait for other people when you have the power to keep your projects moving forward. Here's how! 
Stever Robbins,
May 27, 2013
Episode #268

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Schedule the Next Call

Finally, when the meeting is done, declare it’s time to schedule the next call. Once again, you drive the process. Choose the date, time, and location. If they say “We don’t have our calendar right now,” say, “That’s fine! Let’s just tentatively set a date. Let me know if that doesn’t work.” Then email everyone and remind them. Once again, you can always reschedule, but by having something on the calendar, you can be sure things will move ahead even if you have no further communication until then.

A year ago, a young man named Eric, saw me give my Living an Extraordinary Life presentation and asked me to be his mentor. I told him yes, as long as he did all the work. He did. He called, suggested dates and times to get together, had me commit to a time and place, and followed up to make sure we kept a meeting on the calendar. As a direct result, he’s gotten free coaching and advice that I normally charge tens of thousands of dollars for.

There’s power and strength to making things happen. And surprisingly few people step up to do it. It’s really not very hard, and it’s an essential part of leadership. When you want to connect with someone, you set the date. You make the calls. You keep the conversation on track, and make sure everyone knows what actions to take next. Keep the ball rolling and rather than being the victim of everyone else’s flakiness, you’ll be the master of your—and their—competence.

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