What to Do if You’re Stood Up?

The excitement of a date can be enough to give you butterflies. But what if the date doesn’t show? Check the top 3 tips for handling this sticky situation.

Richie Frieman,
January 15, 2012
Episode #185

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What to do if You’re Stood Up?

Once again, I owe this week’s topic to the loyal tribe of Modern Manners Guy readers. Of all the questions I receive, dating and relationships seem to be on the top of everyone’s list. One area of concern that’s come up lately is how to handle being stood up. So today, I’ll bring this incredible act of unmannerly behavior to the surface.

Dating isn’t easy, and being stood up on a date can surely cause your manners to go out the window in favor of rage and embarrassment. But why? Why should you allow someone – who obviously isn’t ready to be an adult – the chance to get under your skin?

The Proper Way to Handle Being Stood Up

Here’s what people have told me about being stood up: “It’s so embarrassing!”… “I felt betrayed.”… “We were just finalizing plans that day and then they don’t show up?” Yes, these are all obvious and valid feelings. But please, please don’t let this affect how you will handle being stood up in the future.

So before you sit down at your table for one (sorry, too harsh?), check out my top 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for how to properly handle being stood up:

Tip #1 – The King/Queen of Cool

Steve McQueen is known as the “King of Cool,” which is pretty much the most badass nickname in Hollywood history. It’s also a good lesson for our purposes. It reminds us not to let our boiling tempers get the best of us. We can’t pull off the calm swagger like the King himself, but there’s a lot to be said about someone if they can keep their ego in check when faced with an embarrassing situation like being stood up.

You probably spent all day thinking about your date, from the clothes you’ll wear to the conversation. But then, you find yourself waiting at the restaurant bar for 10 minutes too long…then 15…then 20…then 30! You check your phone and get nothing. You check your email – nothing. Then as much as you wished it wasn’t so, you realize you’ve been stood up. So, do you stay at the bar, get wasted and rant the no-show’s name to anyone who will listen?


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