Top 5 Sci-Fi Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Tech Talker dives into the world of science fiction technology to find the coolest gadgets we wish were real today.

Eric Escobar,
June 19, 2014
Episode #129

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If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m a total sci-fi geek. I love The Walking Dead, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and a whole slew of other movies and shows in this genre. My favorite part about most of these programs is when they show off some futuristic tech that we could only dream of now.

So this week, I’m going to dive into some of the coolest sci-fi technology that I wish was real!

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Here are 5 super awesome sci-fi gadgets and technology that I can't wait to become reality:


By far one of the coolest things in sci-fi tech is teleportation. Ever since I saw my first episode of Star Trek I’ve been hooked on the idea of teleporting from place to place instantly. I always thought it would be amazing to step onto a platform and seconds later be in a completely different place!

Imagine if this technology were real - what effect would it have on our world? No house would be complete without a teleporting closet. Cars, planes, and trains would pretty much be useless and so would roads and bridges. If we wanted to get somewhere, we could just teleport there on a moment’s notice. Of course then you would be stuck with all those unused frequent flyer miles!

I always thought it would be amazing to buy a piece of property in the absolute middle of nowhere and then be able to teleport into town for work. Heck at that point, you could be a world traveler on the weekends. I could probably do a whole episode on my dreams for teleportation.

As it stands now, the only teleportation that has actually been done is on the quantum level. Check out more on Quantum Teleportation if you’d like, but don’t get your hopes up that this will happen on a large scale anytime soon.

Invisibility/Cloaking Device

One of my other favorite devices from sci-fi is a cloaking device which allows whatever is being concealed by it to be invisible. What kind of space movie wouldn’t be complete without a cloaking device? One moment there’s a lone spaceship floating around in the void, and the next a fleet of spaceships appears as they turn off their cloaking device which has been concealing them.

Cars, planes, and trains would pretty much be useless and so would roads and bridges. If we wanted to get somewhere, we could just teleport there on a moment’s notice. 

It would be awesome to have the ability to hide in plain sight. You could easily conceal yourself if you were being chased or use it to sneak around and do any number of awesome things.

Luckily for me, this is much more feasible than teleportation. There’s an awesome article in Popular Science that shows researchers working on technology that will allow a sort of invisible camouflage. Surprise, surprise it looks like it’s being made for the U.S. military, but nonetheless, it's still awesome!


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