Does Santa Use Technology?

How does Santa manage to visit the home of every child in the world in only one night? He uses technology, of course! Tech Talker reveals Santa's big secrets.

Eric Escobar,
December 25, 2013
Episode #106

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Many people underestimate ole’ St. Nick, claiming his sleigh and reindeer can't possibly make it to every child’s house on magic alone. By no means am I discrediting the Christmas magic of Santa Clause, but in this day and age, Santa has stepped up his game enlisting modern technology to make his big night a success.

Here are some quick Santa stats courtesy of ABC News.

  • Santa visits approximately 132 million homes in one night across 24 time zones.

  • Santa actually has 31 hours to carry out his single night's duties due to the time change between time zones.

  • Even with that much time, he still has to visit about 1,200 homes per second to make all of his stops!

You have to admit, this sounds like a pretty daunting task.

What’s even cooler though is that you can watch Santa do this live across the globe! Just visit google.com/santatracker or noradsanta.org. These websites will show Santa as he visits houses throughout every time zone.

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