Creating a Good Social Media Picture

Online tools to help you create and use a successful social media profile picture.

The Digital Marketer,
February 15, 2012

Your social media avatar reflects who you are and what you’re about on the web. It’s often the first visual image others see of you, so selecting a good one can present a challenge (and an opportunity). If you’re feeling a bit stumped, here are 5 great tools to make your social media picture stand out:

  1. iPiccy - This free only tool makes editing your photos easy and portable (because you can access it anywhere). You can even add special effects or text to your images and then share them with your online community., 

  2. Shrink Pictures – Shrink Pictures will size your image quickly and can also change it into a square.The tool gives you several different cropping options so you get the right part of the photo into the tiny image.

  3. Meez You can create a more three dimensional avatar on this 3-D gaming site and then take a screenshot of it and use it on your profiles.

  4. Second LifeIf you want to create an avatar image using Second Life, make sure it's not only reflective of you but also of a more sophisticated avatar than the default version or a do-it-yourself version. This site is particularly useful to those who have some digital design skills. 

  5. Gravatar This site helps you easily manage your avatar at all of the sites and blogs that integrate the Gravatar tool. Use Gravatar to upload any avatar images of your choice. Then when you are setting up a social network profile and it provides a link to Gravatar, you can easily choose from your images for convenience and consistency.

Social Media Avatars image courtesy of Shutterstock

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