Four Apps for Clipping and Storing Web Content

Clip content from websites with these free apps and browser add-ons.

Aliza Sherman
November 27, 2008
Episode #031
Hi there, The Digital Marketer here, ready to help you put the power of the Internet and technology to work for your business.
I've been checking out several different Web-based clipping tools to clip articles and other content from websites and blogs. The services are getting better and better.
There are many ways to clip or save online articles you want to read later from the old-fashioned bookmarking the page in a Web browser to using simple bookmarking sites such as del.icio.us. There's also an application I've mentioned before called Instapaper that saves the entire text of an article or post for you and has a handy iPhone app. But there are more robust ways to clip Web content, and here are just a few.

Fancy Clipping Apps

One of the more elegant clipping apps is called Evernote. Just highlight text or images on any Web page and save to your Evernote account. You'll not only get a screenshot of what you've selected but also the URL for the content so you can return to the site. You can use the Evernote bookmarklet, that is, a browser button, to trigger the clipping function.
With Evernote, you can search the clippings for particular content, even content within images. And then the Evernote iPhone app let's you carry the power of the Web application to the offline world. Take a picture of something you want to store in Evernote with your iPhone's camera -- such as somebody's business card -- and upload to your Evernote account for the same search functionality and easy access. You can also review clippings on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Evernote is meant to be a fully searchable and accessible archive of your clippings.
Notefish is not as feature-rich as Evernote but still useful. With the Notefish browser add-on, you quickly clip a Web page, store it on the Web, then organize it and share it. The organizing feature functions by dragging and dropping your clips to arrange them on a page. So you could be planning a business trip and clip conference details, airline prices, hotel information, and restaurant listings straight from websites, save them on a single Notefish page, and then drag and drop the pieces of information until the page looks the way you want it to look such as in the order you'll visit the places during your trip. You can also add color to your clippings and annotate them. Notefish is positioned as a Web research tool.

Other Clipping Options

Another clipping tool is Clipmarks, which is a little more like a cross between a bookmarking site and a straight clipping application. Clipmarks allows you to clip and archive text, images, or video using their Clipmark tool, another bookmarklet. Clipmarks is much more like a social network where people can discover new content based on what other people are clipping. You can choose to share your clippings or even syndicate them. Syndicating them basically means publishing selected clips on your web site or blog using an RSS feed. While Clipmarks doesn't have an iPhone app like Evernote, it is optimized for your mobile device.
If you are a fan of Google applications, then you should try Google Notebook, their version of a clipping tool that let's you sort, filter, and share your clips. I'm a huge fan of Google applications but find their Notebook to be a little too confusing for me to use. But never let me discourage you from at least trying this free service.

Bottom Line: Gone are the days of having long, disorganized lists of bookmarks to the sites and blogs you want to save and revisit. With a clipping application, you can zero in on the exact content you want, organize it, and archive it in a place where you can access it again and again with ease.

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