Author: Laura Adams, MBA

Laura Adams was named one of Empower's "Top 50 Women in Personal Finance" in 2018. She's one of the nation’s leading personal finance and small business authorities who works as an on-camera spokesperson, voice-over talent, and multimedia creator. She’s written multiple books, and the latest title, Money-Smart Solopreneur: A Personal Finance System for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Side-Hustlers, was an Amazon #1 New Release. As an award-winning author and host of the top-rated Money Girl podcast since 2008, millions of readers, listeners, and loyal fans benefit from her practical advice. Laura is a trusted source of practical financial advice for the national media, including TV, radio, digital, and print outlets. She’s been featured on most major network news outlets, Bloomberg, NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Money, Time, Kiplinger’s, USA Today, US News, Forbes, Fortune, Consumer Reports, MSN, and many more. Her mission is to empower consumers to live healthy and prosperous lives by making the most of what they have, planning for the future, and making smart money decisions every day. Laura received an MBA from the University of Florida. She lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with her husband. Visit to learn more.

THE QUICK AND DIRTY When your income exceeds annual thresholds for your tax filing status, you might get fewer or no tax benefits for having a retirement plan at work and a traditional IRA. Find out the income limits and how to choose the best retirement accounts for your situation. A podcast listener named Justin says, “I maxed out my 401(k) for 2022 and still have more money to invest. Can I also max out an IRA—and if so, would the contribution also be tax-deductible?” Justin, thanks for your question, and congratulations on being such a good saver! I’ll answer your question in…

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