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Belly Burn Project - Webcast #1 (Video)


After 8 kids and an extra 30 pounds, Mighty Mommy is tired of putting herself last. That's why she's enlisted Get-Fit Guy to help her lose the weight and get healthy! Check out her story and a Before photo.

Get-Fit Guy created a blueprint for Mighty Mommy's journey towards wellness. It's called the Belly Burn Project -- and you can watch the very first video webcast for free!

Watch to find out what the Belly Burn project is and how Mighty Mommy (and YOU) can use it to get into your best shape ever! In the video, Get-Fit Guy shares the real reasons that keep you from losing weight and how his exercise and nutrition program can help you get off the weight loss rollercoaster for good.

Get Mighty Mommy's Belly Burn Blueprint

Want to use the exact Belly Burning blueprint that Mighty Mommy is using, and get access to all the live workshops we'll be doing over the next 12 weeks? Just click here:  http://goo.gl/OaGuF

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