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Belly Burn Project - FAQ

If you've been following the Belly Burn Project along with Mighty Mommy, you've probably encountered a few questions in the nutritional plan that Get-Fit Guy has designed.  

In this special audio supplement, Get-Fit Guy Ben Greenfield answers all your questions about the foods included in the Belly Burn Project nutritional program:

  • Can I drink cow’s milk? 
  • Can I get kombucha or kefir at a grocery store, and if so, what do I get?
  • Can I use Stevia sugar substitute?
  • Can I drink diet soda or Crystal Lite?
  • Is wine allowed?
  • What are some good protein options for vegetarians?
  • What do I do if I have knee and low back pain?
  • What are the best seed and nut options?
  • Which energy bars should I eat?
  • For between-meal snacks, what should I choose?
  • How do I know if I should take supplements?

Get-Fit Guy answers these, and many other questions in this special FAQ audio supplement to the Belly Burn Project. Listen to it above.

Have you joined the Belly Burn Project? If so, tell us how things are going in Comments below.

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