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you're doing great
Tom Papa

There are a lot of things to like about you, including your love handles. Author and comedian Tom Papa shared an excerpt from his new book of essays, You're Doing Great! And Other Reasons to Stay Alive. 

hard cash valley
Brian Panowich, Writing for

Brian Panowich, author of "Hard Cash Valley," has one piece of advice for aspiring writers: abandon all grammar rules. 

the poet king
Ilana C. Myer, Writing For

Ilana C. Myer, author of "The Poet King," discusses synesthesia, grammar pet peeves, and how to create character voices. 

meet me at midnight
Jessica Pennington, Writing for

Jessica Pennington, author of "Meet Me at Midnight", talks about her need for the word "squee" and the difficulty of deciphering between "blonde" vs."blond" and "affect" vs. "effect". 

The Address Book
Deirdre Mask

Deirdre Mask, author of The Address Bookdiscusses what our street addresses reveal about identity, race, wealth, and power. 

twilight of the gods
Scott Oden, Writing For

Scott Oden, author of "Twilight of the Gods," talks about his dislike of "corporate-speak," his love of the word "stygian," and onomatopoeias in his writing.