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Latest in Books

Romy Hausmann, Writing for

Romy Hausmann, author of "Sleepless," discusses her approach to the English language and how "kindness" is the most beautiful and important word she knows. 

Cassandra Khaw, Writing for

Cassandra Khaw, author of "Nothing But Blackened Teeth," discusses what is involved in writing dialogue for the non-player characters in video games.

Mary Gauthier, Writing for

Mary Gauthier is both an author and a songwriter, which gives her a special perspective on grammar and writing. 

Ellen Feldman

Ellen Feldman, author of "The Living and the Lost," discusses prepositions, "feisty," and the importance of finding the voice of each of her characters. 

Lauren Shippen, Writing for

Lauren Shippen, author of The Bright Sessions series, discusses her ideology of the flexibility of grammar and language — and how despite this, her mother's grammar pet peeves have become her own.

Reinhard Friedl

Dr. Reinhard Friedl, author of The Source of All Things, joined Quick and Dirty Tips for a Q&A about a very complex organ: the heart.