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Latest in Books

Who Knew 10001 Household Solutions
Bruce and Jeanne Lubin

From quick chopping to moister frosting to the smoothest batter, we've gathered our top ten dessert hacks to make your baked goods stand out from the rest. 

mindful millionaire
Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson discusses what it means to be a mindful millionaire and to use your money to reflect how you feel about yourself. 

Anna Downes

After giving birth to her second child, Anna Downes turned the plot notes she'd jotted down two years earlier into action and wrote a book. How did she balance creativity and motherhood? 

what you wish for
Katherine Center

Katherine Center, author of What You Wish For, has one piece of advice for readers: find pleasure in your reading. 

survive a pandemic
Michael Greger, MD FACLM

Dr. Michael Greger explains how humans contribute to viral outbreaks and what we can do to prevent the spread of deadly diseases in the future.

the burning
Tim Madigan

Tim Madigan, author of The Burning, discusses historic details of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and explains why the event is still relevant today.