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Latest in Books

Julia Armfield, Writing For,

Julia Armfield, author of "salt slow," discusses earworm-words, how dialogue affects a character's voice, and her favorite Lemony Snicket quote. 

Goldie Goldbloom, Writing For,

Goldie Goldbloom, author of "On Division," discusses the word she made up for pre-rain clouds, using desserts to teach "than vs. then," and writing for characters who think in a foreign language.

There's No Plan B For Your A Game
Bo Eason

Are you bringing your A-Game? Bo Eason, the author of There's No Plan B for Your A-Game, offers five key tips to help you develop the character, integrity, and commitment it takes to be successful.

lost words
Joe Gillard, Writing For,

Joe Gillard, author of "The Little Book of Lost Words," discusses the unique origin of the word "maverick."

gods with a little g
Tupelo Hassman, Writing For,

Tupelo Hassman, author of "gods with a little g," discusses her dislike of the words "villain" and "amazing," how thinking about sound shapes her characters, and what a "chingy" is.

Gut Check
Eric Kester, Writing For,

Eric Kester, author of "Gut Check," talks about teenage slang, "further" versus "farther," and how he uses grammar to shape his characters' voices. 

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