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Latest in Books

Susan F. Paterno

In Game On: Why College Admission Is Rigged and How to Beat the System, veteran academic, journalist, and mother of four recent college grads, provides the tools and insights families need to guide them throughout the college admissions process. Read on for an excerpt from Game On, which is now available.

Barbara Oakley PhD and Olav Schewe

Barbara Oakley PhD and Olav Schewe wrote Learn Like a Pro because they both struggled with studying and learning in the past. This excerpt describes the "Pomodoro Technique," a mental tool you can use to boost your concentration. 

Luke Burgis

In this excerpt from Luke Burgis' new book Wanting, he tells the story of Maria Montessori beginning her approach to education and her unique teaching style. 

Scott O'Neil

How can you stand grounded and find meaningful moments in such a rapid, constantly evolving world? Scott O'Neil, author of Be Where Your Feet Are, has a few ideas. 

Julie Cameron

Julie Cameron provided QDT with an excerpt from her novel The Listening Path, detailing what it means and why it's important to listen deeper. 

Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan, author of Digital Body Language, explains how a person's email style can sometimes express how they function emotionally.